Bad Girls Season 4 premiere

Long abandoned by FTA TV, Season 4 of Bad Girls will premiere on UKTV on Friday March 9th at 9:30pm.

The smash hit drama series set behind the bars of a women’s prison is back. Separated from their homes, children and lovers, the women struggle to cope with the harsh reality of this hidden world.

Bad Girls doesn’t shy away from portraying the cruelties and tense relationships inside the prison system, but it also captures the warmth and humour needed to survive it. In series four the storylines get darker and more fast-paced. Jim Fenner is sexually harassed by the new Governor, Neil Grayling. Di Barker and Barry Pearce‚Äôs relationship suffers from domestic violence and teenage junkie Buki Lester battles for the right to see her disabled son, Lennox. The series ends with the prison library being obliterated as part of an escape plan by the devious Snowball Merriman, resulting in a fire that leaves Governor Grayling and several inmates trapped and fighting for their lives. Stars: Nicole Faraday (Casualty), Jack Ellis (Prime Suspect), James Gaddas (Casualty), Kim Oliver (The Bill) and Andrew Lancel (The Bill.)

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