Naomi eliminated

Naomi Robson was a surprise elimination in tonight’s Dancing with the Stars.

In fact Jamie Durie joining her in the bottom two was also a surprise.

They are arguably the two biggest names in the show, and supposedly two big Seven drawcards. It’s a bit of a worry the audience seemingly isn’t getting behind them.

Just to remind you how the complicated voting for DWTS works, contestants’ scores are tallied 50% of audience vote from last week’s dance, with 50% of judges scores from this week’s dance. So the total is combined from two separate dances. It means the judges’ votes in Week One are in effect pointless.

So what will Naomi do now? Go back and work for TT?

And of course there is still a long-standing invitation to join The Chaser!

Personally I think this year’s TT scandals actually suddenly put her in a better light, and DWTS did well to show she has a fun side.

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