Seven eyes Morning Chat

Could Lisa Wilkinson take on Kerri-Anne Kennerley?

Her name is being considered as part of a new morning chat show that Seven is developing to air against Mornings with Kerri-Anne.

Former magazine editor, Wilkinson currently co-hosts Weekend Sunrise alongside Andrew O’Keefe, and from what I’ve seen she does a pretty good job.

But Kerri-Anne rocks.

It’s ironic that with all this chat (Sunrise, Today, Catch-Up, 9AM plus new football panel shows) nobody has bothered to moot an evening Tonight format yet. What about a Parky-style show for Bert instead of dumb clip-shows?

I guess without advertorials it’s still considered too expensive and risky.

More info from Sunday Telegraph.

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  1. but didn’t Lisa Wilkinson already host another morning show on 7 called The Morning Shift? That didn’t set the world on fire.. neither did Denise Drysdale in that timeslot, or the John Mangos At Home show… well the less said about the last one, the better..

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