One guy. Two game shows.

No you weren’t seeing double, that was Victorian Jamie Arceri, the same contestant on both 1 vs 100 and The Rich List on Monday night.

As one show ended and another began you could have flicked over from one channel to another to see him on rival networks.

Make up your own mind about whether this guy is greedy or just an astute, ultimate game show contestant. But it sure was bad timing for the networks.

Arceri lost over $66,000 to the mob in Nine’s show.


  1. Get this – I used to work with this guy Jamie, share a smoke with him on breaks, and he’s a nice enough fellow.

    Secondly – I appeared on both Family Feud and Temptation within about week – it was a sheer fluke. It can take several months from the time you apply to the time you actually get to compete as a contestant, there’s no way you could pre-plan it. In addition, a woman who competed against me on Temptation herself appeared on Family Feud some months after me (and did significantly better than me on both shows, the cow).

    People really do just do the rounds. And why wouldn’t you? Money for nothing. Especially the Rich List – they should call it the Piece Of Piss List, it’s so easy.

  2. A few weeks back, when the contestant lost a little under $100,000 one of the MOB contestants who won around $46,000 was Jan – who was also the winner of the first season of The Mole (she she picked up over 100k).

    Contestants tend to do the rounds.

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