BB UK gets their man

The UK Big Brother, which kicked off this week with a house full of females, has added its first male -‘Ziggy.’

Ziggy is Zac Lichman, ‘a fashion conscious ex-model and ex-boyband member. ‘ He is 26 and ‘ ‘if he could make a law it would for there to be a National Short Skirt Day.’

Ziggy will also single-handedly decide the first nominations.

The UK house also has two older contestants, Carole aged 53 and Lesley, 60. It’s an idea we need to see here!

Big Brother UK.

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  1. Keep it young and hot? Why don’t you just watch “Baywatch” then? The humongous success of BBUK is based on a house full of all sorts of people of differing ages, gender, sexuality – real people from the real world. It was never a “peep show” but a game show that you we could all get involved with. The ultimate winner sees their lives change dramatically – from nobody to celebrity – winners being gay, straight, male, female, transexual (Nadia from BB5) & last years winner Pete, a tourettes syndrome sufferer from Essex. If not putting in all “young & hot” contestants in the US show, but putting in some older contestants managed to kill it, then that just tells us more about the American viewing public – either that or the show and its format was just dull anyway!

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