BBC denies Dr Who axe hovering

The BBC has denies rumours that Russell T. Davies plans to close down Dr Who after Series Four.

Series 4 begins filming this month in the UK and neither David Tennant, or sidekick Freema Agyeman are contracted beyond the series.

There is talk that the workload is wearing Davies down but a spokeswoman for the BBC dismissed the rumours as “idle speculation.”

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  1. omg i swear they cut doctor who there crazy and i am gunna be sooo annoyd i wud right a letter 2 the bbc on how and alot of ppl feel but i dont realy trust the sun as the otha rumour that they were gunna axe freema out of the next series this was obviusly not true all im saying is im not beliveing any of it untill the bbc announce it thereselfs besides its only a rumour and it beta not be true!!!!

  2. Might I suggest that if the workload is getting to much for Davies maybe he and the BBC should run a compitition where people can submit their own story line scripts. As most of the Dr Who shows run for 45 to 90mins it would be a great oportunity for Dr Who lovers and up coming script writer to get their thoughts and work out to the greater public.
    To keep continuity of the story lines of the show Russel T Davies should pick the best scripts. I’m positive that with a compitition like this Russel T Davies and the BBC will have hundreds of storylines to use and as a bonus the best story line/s should use the writer/s as an actor in the episode.


  3. We all know that the TV networks are ALWAYS making stupid decisions with their shows … they just seem to give the big jobs to idiots who don’t actually enjoy watching TV … but it would be the biggest mistake in TV history if the BBC decided not to continue Dr Who beyond next year!
    The current season 3 is the best yet!
    This is a unique show that has survived for almost 50 years because the lead actor can change as part of the brilliant premise of the show and it could go on forever.
    Doctor Who DEFINITELY has a life beyond the brilliant Russel T Davies and the gorgeous David Tennant… and there is no limit to where the stories can take us.
    I think that it is getting close to time for Russell to give it over to someone else anyway … there are MANY people willing and able to carry it on from where his brilliance has taken it.

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