Can a Talking Stick save BB?

Big Brother may have just made one of his better moves this year -by taking himself out of the game.

In a move that steers the show back toward its “social experiment” roots, Big Brother has ‘left the House’ and thrown authority back in the hands of the housemates.

They have been left to fend for themselves, appoint their own Leader and draw up their own Constitution. As new rules were quickly debated and proffered, already new conflict and division was becoming apparent. The shirtless, macho men were overruling most of the other women and ruling the roost.

Housemate Laura wasn’t taking kindly to new leader Thomas’ style.

This move by BB is one of the few this year he has got right. Instead of hoping for romances to form (yawn) we can watch how the housemates deal with power, negotiation and conflict resolution. If you haven’t watched the show for ages, this might be a time to revisit. Top marks to whatever chump put this on the table.

In another interesting BB moment, Travis has responded positively to sexuality discussions raised by new Intruder, Zach.

Travis told Zach that if he learned his own son was gay that he would still love him for who he is. His surprising approval of sexual identity flawed Zach who admitted he didn’t expect such a supportive reaction from the truck driver.

But Travis in his inimitable “yeah, mate, no worries mate” style was completely honest and didn’t see the big deal. His candor was heartwarming stuff and only cements him as a firm favourite to potentially take the winner’s title this year.


  1. Yes, Zach is very extreme … reminds me of someone I know but a much younger version … NO, I don’t know him THAT well … Thomas is more my type … everyone’s type it seems, except for the girls in the house … why? because there is something about him that puts them off … I bet it is because he is actually gay!
    Yes, Adam, Thomas can point his stick at me anytime too!

    And Travis has done far more for our “cause” than any of the gay boys ever in the house!

  2. This show would have been a whole lot more interesting if they hadn’t of put in the bland male types that have won it in previous years. By this I’m talking about Andrew, Billy, Zoran, Joel and Thomas (to a degree). Everyone else has played the part of a ‘character’… even Bodie (who I couldn’t stand) was the idiot teenage male who spent too much time shooting his mouth off to be classified as boring.

    It’s really sad when the oldest person in the house is (I think) about 33. That’s not even old! I didn’t realise that everyone in Australia was pretty much white either…

    An intruder to win BB07!

  3. Ha, ok… like the rest of us!

    The new intruders are so far more interesting than some of the original housemates. Maybe they should have gone that way from the launch.

    Still would have liked some older intruders tho!

  4. Travis has been gay-friendly since the start of the series – he first made that comment about his son weeks and weeks ago and had positive discussions with Nick, too. I’m surprised Zach didn’t pick up on that before he went into the house (unless he didn’t watch the show all that much).

  5. Travis was always.. ALWAYS.. the one house mate that irritated me most, every time he opened his mouth i just wished he’d shut up and those muscle man boobs are shockers.. but his talk with Zach I think did more for the gay cause than I think Zach (or Nick for that matter) could do in a lifetime.. and also, let’s face it, any guy that is prepared to help Laura wash dishes at 1.30 in the morning deserves a medal.. Perhaps now Travis is a little less irritating…. still don’t want him to win though 🙂

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