Hey Hey it’s a comeback?

Daryl Somers could be back hosting a Saturday evening variety show before we know it.

Seven is reported to be agreeable to a pilot allowing Somers to “reinvent Hey Hey It’s Saturday” in 2007. Word is Somers has been keen to bring back variety to Saturday nights. There is speculation he has approached John Blackman to be a part of the project.

This sounds risky to me. Hey Hey is an institution and should not be tampered with. Ernie Carroll and Blackman helped make an indomitable force with Somers. But that was a long time ago. It’s also a bit wrinkly around the edges, and there had become a strong boys club element about the show with Wilbur Wilde, Red Symons, Russell Gilbert, Blackers, Plucka and more….. Part of the popularity of Dancing with the Stars lays not with the host, although he remains entirely accomplished at the task at hand. There are few with Somers’ skills at live and impromptu television.

It would be fantastic if Somers were behind the scenes on this one. What Somers knows about putting television together can’t be bought. Find a protege to pass on the torch, Daryl?

Meanwhile, Seven has also agreed to a Tonight show pilot for Andrew O’Keefe. This could be hard to fathom week in, week out. Again O’Keefe is very, very skilled at his plentiful hosting duties. But as Daryl showed us all those years ago, you also need to be likable. Sometimes I feel O’Keefe would be a lot more watchable if he turned the velocity down. True, all his shows have been hits, but humility can be a wonderful thing on telly.

Finally it also seems strange that Seven has money th throw around with pilots but there was none in the kitty for The Naomi Show?

Source: Herald-Sun.


  1. loved ‘Hey Hey’ in the 90’s, but it wouldn’t work in the norties (‘2007’). And if it did, Darryl shouldn’t host it as it’s past its time (and also the show would never end because he always rambles on)…

    O’keffe is getting ANOTHER show? Doesn’t channel seven have any OTHER personalities to throw a bone to?

    Perhaps Kath & Kim could host both shows… that’d be a hoot and a half!

  2. so agree sillgostly..he’s a phony…I know other “stars” on other networks can’t bear him…I can’t bear his fake laugh either

  3. I became a fan of Hey Hey right at its demise, and frankly, Darryl has been s**tting me ever since he began breaking into song and making a total douche of himself on DWTS. I for one, strongly doubt I would watch if they decide to return it.

    And I do NOT want ‘O Keefe hosting yet ANOTHER show. He is one of THE fakest people on TV. Sometime last week, I surprised myself when I yelled “Shut up!” at the TV because I was so sick of hearing his fake laugh during DonD where I can literally hear him stressing every last syllable as he says “Ha ha ha ha” over and over, faking his excitement/enthusiasm. He’s a show pony, plain and simple. And it sickens me. I don’t even want to fathom just how plastic he would be during a talk show.

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