Would SBS ever cast celebrities on Alone Australia?

"Of course we'd have a conversation," says SBS exec Joseph Maxwell -but there's a disclaimer.

Alone has seen format variations in international versions but so far it has resisted a celebrity edition.

Joseph Maxwell, Head of Unscripted at SBS tells TV Tonight he has already been approached by well-known Australians interested in applying for the show.

“I said ‘Yes, absolutely. Go ahead,” he said. “But the reality is it’s a pretty tough challenge to do. The US format had various twists, a 50-day challenge, another where they went in as pairs, so there’s been various format twists.

“But what we love about it is the simplicity, the purity of 10 people on Alone.

“I think it works really well as is and sticking true to what it means is really important to us. If someone well-known had a genuine connection to doing something, of course we’d have a conversation. But we’re certainly not looking at this stage at any kind of celebrity version, if that’s the question.”

Casting for a third season is currently underway, but Maxwell insists it is purely to get an early jump on production should it be given the green light.

“You have to put out that casting early to make sure you are ready to go if you want to go again. We’re currently in discussion with ITV, so watch this space.”

Alone Australia continues 7:30pm Wednesday on SBS.

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