Gruen digs into Hubbl, Home & Away tops entertainment.

Gruen panel was definitely not Hubbln' in their season return but the show did win its timeslot. Key wins for Seven on Wednesday.

Gruen returned to screens on Wednesday night (minus ill Russel Howcroft) and proceeded to give the Hamish & Andy Hubbl campaign the thumbs down, suggesting its messaging was too confused. Ouch.

Home & Away topped entertainment at 816,000 viewers in National TV Audience.

The 1% Club led its slot at 782,000 then Hard Quiz (708,000), 7:30 (664,000), MasterChef Australia (618,000), RBT (593,000) and Alone Australia (304,000).

Gruen returned with a timeslot win at 751,000 then The Front Bar (530,000), NCIS: Sydney (340,000), Ski Rescue Down Under (321,000) and White Fever wrapping at 248,000.

Seven News topped the night at 1.31m. The Chase won with 730,000. Talking Footy (170,000) and Unbelievable Moments Caught on Camera (122,000) followed.

Nine News drew 1.21m for Nine. A Current Affair was 968,000 then Tipping Point (717,000).  Nine News Late was (213,000)

ABC News pulled 834,000. A Hard Quiz replay was 397,000 then QI (226,000) and Planet America (175,000).

The Project scored 368,000 for 10 followed by Deal or No Deal (337,000) and 10 News First (317,000). FBI International was 193,000.

On SBS The Titan Sub Disaster was 135,000. Giro D’Italia drew 79,000 on VICELAND.

Sunrise: 372,000
Today: 323,000
News Breakfast: 254,000

National Total TV: Wednesday 15 May 2024

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  1. I have seen those wildly irritating Hubbl ads literally hundreds of times and am still no closer to understanding how it’s any different to an Apple TV or the multitude of other pucks on the market.

  2. Is there a way to see ratings for the multichannels? I’d be interested to see if people are watching programs on 9GO! since it’s in HD.

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