1% Club UK and Gruen draw in Wednesday viewers

Home & Away and Tipping Point strong. Alone Australia wraps high for SBS.

The 1% Club UK topped entertainment at 853,000 in National TV Audience, a very economic programming win for Seven compared to local reality production.

Next in the slot was Hard Quiz (673,000), 7:30 (649,000), MasterChef Australia (596,000), The Summit (558,000) and Alone Australia high at 345,000.

Later Gruen drew 667,000 then The Front Bar (584,000), NCIS: Sydney (332,000), Blak Ball (325,000), Ski Rescue Down Under (255,000) and Alone Australia: The Reunion (214,000).

Seven News topped the night at 1.33m with Home & Away strong at 838,000 and The Chase (705,000). Talking Footy was 194,000 with Unbelievable Moments Caught on Camera at 118,000 where they screened.

Nine News averaged 1.25m for Nine then wins by A Current Affair (1.08m) and Tipping Point (782,000). Nine News Late was 174,000 with Footy Classified was 67,000 where they screened.

ABC News scored 880,000. Hard Quiz repeat (400,000), QI (237,000) Planet America (201,000) followed.

10 News First drew 362,0000 for 10 then The Project (337,000) and Deal or No Deal (330,000). FBI: International was 189,000.

On SBS it was SBS World News (211,000 / 159,000), Mastermind (109,000) and This Town (62,000).

Sunrise: 412,000
Today: 317,000
News Breakfast: 249,000

National TV Audience: Wednesday 29 May 2024.


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  1. With the Thursday AFL games ending after next week, David, what do you think 7 will do?

    Wednesday 1% followed by FB has worked well for 7, so would they keep it the same as now or go back to FB being on Thursday after 3 H&A episodes & leave 1% on Wednesday?

    Or if Dream Home flops against Travel Guides with its Sunday reveals, could 7 start Dancing with the stars on Sunday, have Dream Home Mon-Wed, 1% & Front Bar combo moves to Thursday?

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