Lost for words, but Krzysztof wins Alone Australia 2024.

64 days in the extremes of NZ wilderness left Krzysztof Wojtkowski as TV's most placid winner ever.

Victorian aquaculturalist Krzysztof Wojtkowski won Season 2 of Alone Australia after surviving 64 days in the extremes of New Zealand’s South Island (Aotearoa’s Te Waipounamu).

The 39-year-old outlasted nine other participants to win a $250,000 prize, the impact on his health was so stark he could barely express his elation at winning.

He later said, “I still can’t believe that I’ve won. The thought of being the last person standing was never on my mind. For me, just getting out there and getting the opportunity to experience this was the big win for me. Time is finite, you only get so much time in the world, so make the best of every opportunity. I spent 64 days alone, but I never felt alone. I got to camp, I got to build things, I had a million-dollar view. I’ve learnt a lot from the experience and I’m so grateful for it.”

Krzysztof defeated two other finalists Personal Trainer & Subsistence Hunter Andreas, Wilderness Adventure Guide Suzan and Krzysztof.

After 57 days, Andreas lost 30 per cent of his starting bodyweight, saying, “There is no way in any shape or form that I can sustain myself here any longer… This is as far as I’m willing to risk my health and sanity.”

Homesick Suzan tapped out after 63 days saying, “I really did want to bring home the $250,000 to the family, you know, and that was a real drive. But more than that disappointment is the happiness of moving towards home, to my own forest, to my own pack.”

SBS followed with a special one-hour reunion program hosted by super fan Hamish Blake.

Krzysztof’s win at 64 days follows from 2023’s Gina Chick at 67 days.

Kathryn Fink SBS’s Director of Television said: “Well done to Krzysztof on surviving 64 days alone in such a brutal environment, while inspiring so many around the country. Alone Australia has once again captured the public imagination. We’ve followed the highs and lows of our incredible cast over the past ten weeks and have been captivated by their raw and authentic stories.

“Following the enormous success of the launch of Alone Australia last year, the second series has also drawn significant audiences on TV and on SBS On Demand. We’re delighted the show has once again positioned itself as a standout hit of the year and demonstrates the strong shift to the multiplatform on-demand world that television is increasingly moving to.”

ITV Studios Australia CEO and Managing Director David Mott said: “Firstly, I would Iike to congratulate Krzysztof, this season’s winner of Alone Australia, and extend this to all of our participants this year. They have all delivered and shared their remarkable journeys under the most trying of conditions. I am also enormously proud of our team at ITV Studios Australia on producing such a world class series, once again, and to the team at SBS for their unwavering support and commitment.”

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  1. Congratulations to Krzysztof! Well deserved! Loved his reaction when he found out he won. Also loved Rick and Andreas as well. Hope there will be a season 3 of Alone Australia. Great show.

    1. Hi, where a show has screened it is News on a dedicated TV news blog. This was posted the morning after broadcast well after Perth TX, social media and any other online stories. There are all sorts of aspects around headline, photo, excerpt, SEO, Search that factor into posts so a bland “somebody won Alone” just isn’t very practical. Where a viewer is swimming against the tide it is best to vary their own web use.

  2. Congratulations to Krzysztof.
    A really lovely, positive , and quirky guy.
    Also really liked Tamika – she was also lovely and very entertaining.

  3. I watched this season as well as last season and I felt a little disappointed this season. I really enjoyed season one, but this season was just okay from my perspective. There were a number of reasons such as the lack of food achieved via hunting/ fishing and the annoying sand flies. Also the number of contestants who left early because they missed family and friends was disappointing. I realise it’s a tough show to be on, but that’s it’s appeal, i.e. finding people who can “tough it out”. Perhaps the show needs better vetting from a physiological point of view. That being said well done to all of them for competing, particularly the last three who really pushed themselves, Krzysztof in particular, so he was a very deserving winner.

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