Mexico complains about Big Brother

Mexico has complained to the Australian Communications and Media Authority and Southern Star Endemol about the misuse of the Mexican flag during a recent episode of Big Brother Friday Night Live.

Housemates threw goo-filled balloons at a “Mexican flag”, but BB even had the colours in the wrong order.

The Mexican Foreign Ministry has demanded “they take adequate measures to avoid this type of incident in the future.”

Housemates also dressed in mariachi outfits playing musical chairs and ate chili con carne, a dish almost unknown in Mexico.

Producer Kris Noble has apologised saying, “The intention of the program was to render a sincere tribute to Mexico and its vibrant cultural inheritance which we all admired and enjoyed.”

Big Brother has previously staged themed-nationality nights also built around stereotypes and ethnic cliches.

Looks like 2007 BB can add “the Mexican outburst” to “Emma’s deceased Dad” as some of its memorable moments.

Source: Behind Big Brother

Sydney Morning Herald


  1. I think the producers should have taken due care in respecting the significance of the Mexican culture, but I don’t think this sort of incident is worth making a fuss about.

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