American Top Models’ next stop Oz

The girls of America’s Next Top Model are making Australia their next destination in the upcoming series to air on Foxtel.

Four episodes were shot in Sydney late last year which saw the girls plus host Tyra Banks and judges at Sydney Harbour Bridge and Maroubra Beach.

The girls met local modelling gals Jodhi Meares and Erika Heynatz.

The new series starts on Wednesday September 5 on Fox 8.

Press Release:

From the showrooms of our top designers to learning Aboriginal dancing and Aussie slang, Tyra Banks’ America’s Next Top Model contenders get a whirlwind experience of Australia’s culture and fashion industry in the episodes recorded “Down Under”, which begin premiering on FOX8 next Wednesday, August 8, at 8.30pm.

The America’s Next Top Model touring party – including show creator and host Tyra Banks, creative director Jay Manuel, judges ‘60s fashion icon Twiggy, runway expert J. Alexander, photographer Nigel Barker, and six would-be “Top Models” – departed their Los Angeles’ base and arrived in Sydney late last year.

They recorded four episodes here, including the season eight finale, and these shows along with a recap special (August 15) will premiere Wednesdays, at 8.30pm over the next five weeks on FOX8.

In the Australian episodes of America’s Next Top Model:

* The girls meet a range of Australian fashion identities including FOX8’s Australia’s Next Top Model host Jodhi Meares and her agent Priscilla Leighton Clark, former ANTM host Erika Heynatz (who is familiar to US viewers since the Australian-made series has been airing on Vh1), designers Sarah Jane Clarke and Heidi Middleton of Sass & Bide, Wayne Cooper, Jayson Brundson, Kit Willow, Tina Kalivas, Alice McCall, Arabella Ramsay, and Lill Boyd and Anna Hewitt of the Anna & Boy label.

* The girls try to master an Australian accent in order to shoot a cosmetic commercial – with results more closely resembling a tribute to the late “Crocodile Hunter” than any of the polished work of Elle MacPherson or Sarah Murdoch.

* Tyra photographs the girls on a sexy swimsuit shoot at Sydney’s Maroubra Beach.

* Photographer Nigel does a shoot with two of the girls atop the Sydney Harbour Bridge, achieving gorgeous results even in the regulation BridgeClimb overalls.

* The change of hemisphere does nothing to staunch the tears, tantrums and tirades amongst the girls as week-by-week their ranks are culled until the winner is announced.


  1. as much as i like the show have the girls try an australian accect is embarrasing not only for the models but to australians so do they make australians sound silly or do we make them sound silly most actors in america cant do and australian accent but you expect “want to be” models to be able to do it.. reminds me of the bad simpsons in australia

  2. OOOOOOOOOH I CAN’T WAIT!! This series is much better than the last one, Tyra is back to looking like a supermodel and the girls are a much better selection!!

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