Returning: The Office

TEN is to have another try at winning over Aussie audiences with the American version of The Office.

A big hit in the US, the series did not fire when previously launched by TEN, largely due to Aussies already being familiar with the template original from Ricky Gervais.

But the US series has worked on its own merits, with some minor tweaking for American audiences. Headed by established comedian Steve Carrell (The 40 Year Old Virgin), American producers resisted the tired three camera, laugh track approach and shot the series faithfully. It was produced by Ben Silverman, who was responsible for Ugly Betty and also has Kath & Kim. Silverman has since been promoted to NBC acquisitions.

The Office will air at 10:25pm on Monday Aug 27 following the premiere of Californication. It kicks off with the episode “Gay Witch Hunt.”

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  1. Well, I’m one of the few who dled the whoe season, it’s odd how TWN puts this on a month shy of the new season in the US. The season will overlap (assuming TEN sticks to airing the show).

    But I wouldn’t get too attached, TEN will likely abandon it after a few weeks.

    The show on the other hand is really good (especially the guest directors, (Lost’s JJ Abrahms and Buffy’s Joss Whedon!) , and what a season finale!

  2. Like most I found the first episodes hard to watch because it was too similar to the original series.

    But after the first couple of remake episodes the show really came into it’s own and as I watched series three it became my new favourite TV show. I think all the leads are great and the whole ensemble cast shines.

    Ten has shown series one and two and are picking up with the start of series three, but some of us couldn’t wait and are looking forward to series four.

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