Vale: Robert Fidgeon

Prominent television critic Robert Fidgeon has passed away.

A longtime journalist for media including the Herald-Sun and 3AW, Fidgeon has suffered from a long illness with cancer.

He was 65.

Fidgeon knew the industry well, understanding the business side of the media as much as pinpointing production strengths and weaknesses that translated as drama and entertainment. In his weekly column for the Herald-Sun, Fidgeon was not afraid to attack shoddy camerawork, cheap sets or the sound used for sporting events.

His “My Say” column was feared in the industry for the way he put network executives on notice.

But he also loved his entertainment, praising “Love my Way” and “Dancing with the Stars” as recent favourites. He was frequently seen at opening and closing episodes of the variety series, applauding enthusiastically.

Fidgeon would often break news, speaking to stars and executives as a trusted source. His last big story was breaking news that Ray Martin would leave Nine.

The death of Fidgeon follows last year’s passing of the leading TV critic for The Age, Ross Warneke.

Robert Fidgeon is survived by wife, Patrice and stepdaughter, Kate.

Herald Sun obituary.



  1. OMG! Fidge is dead?
    I’ve been away for a few months and on my return, had wondered why Fidge’s column no longer appeared in The Guide… I just though he’d moved on.
    Fidge, you will be very sadly missed! Not only by every TV lover, but by a TV industry that constantly needs to be kept in check.
    Sincere condolances to the Fidgeon family and friends.

  2. Very sad news indeed. I didn’t always agree with his views (in fact, I disagreed most of the time), but his voice was still a vital and important one in the discourse on out TV industry. He will be missed.

  3. I worked as a columnist and journalist at the Guide with Fidge for a few years in the ’90s and kept in occasional contact during his brave battle. He was one of the greatest encouraging forces in my career and my respect for him is only matched by the sadness I feel at this news.

  4. this is very sad news indeed, I had no idea he was even unwell. i didn’t always agree with his comments in the Herald Sun but he had great knowledge of the business and wasn’t afraid to argue his principles. Also some may not have been aware that as well as being a TV writer, he was also a cartoonist with his topical caricatures of TV personalities appearing weekly in the former “TV Scene” newspaper in the 1970s and 1980s. Rest In Peace, Robert.

  5. Rest in peace dear Robert after such a long illness you and Ross Warneke were among the best reviewers in this country both gone to early will be missed by many deepest symphathy to Patrice and family 🙂

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