24 Season 7 trailer

Here is the trailer for 24 Day 7, launched today in Times Square.

Jack Bauer is on his own. The country is under attack. Somebody comes back from the dead.

And still no time for a toilet break or a coffee!


  1. Coming from a 24 cynic, this looks amazing.

    The only way this could get any better is if they brought back Adam from Season 3, or at least delved into where his character disappeared to.

  2. Last season was so dissapointing after showing promise – mainly due to it being stuck in it’s own fomula. Looks like they’ve adressed some of the complaints and trying to inject something new into the series. I especially like the cinematic look!

  3. Yes!!! I can’t wait!! TONYS BACK!!! im so glad; can’t wait for this season. as long as audrey’s not in it I’ll love it. Anyone knows when its airing over here?

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