Dexter visiting Oz

Michael C. Hall, who plays the notorious Dexter will visit Australia this month.

Hall, previously in Six Feet Under, plays the serial killer who kills serial killers in the acclaimed Showtime drama.

He will participate in a cinema preview screening and Q+A in Melbourne and Sydney.

The series premieres on the new Showcase channel in December.

Based on Darkly Dreaming Dexter, a novel by Jeff Lindsay, Dexter is one of the most complicated characters ever to grace the small screen. He has a steady girlfriend who adores him, he’s the main support for his sister, and a respected member of the Miami Police Department, but he is also a vigilante serial killer who hunts down people who’ve escaped justice, and ensures they never commit another crime.

Every once and a while a show comes along that is so creepy and so intriguing that you feel compelled to watch. Dexter is one of those shows. The serial killer part will no doubt make some of you squirm, but those who enjoy characters that aren’t bad, but aren’t totally that good either, will completely (and morbidly) love this new series.

This program includes a screening of the Pilot and second episode from Dexter, and features an on-stage discussion with Actor Michael C. Hall, about his title role.

Melbourne Oct 29. Kino Cinema
Sydney Oct 31. Greater Union Bondi


  1. It is a pity it has taken this long for it to air in Australia(december for the first season), the 2nd is already airing in the US, while the first season is out on dvd in the states as well.

  2. Almost makes me wish I waited for the local region Dexter dvd to come out instead of buying it from Amazon. Almost, because it’s honestly the best show on television (The Wire a close second), so I just can’t wait to see people eat up Michael C Hall’s performance.

    And great to see him visiting Australia to help promote it. I’m just happy what looks to be the premiere pay channel will be giving it the presentation it deserves, rather than one of the lesser pay channels or, god forbid, a network (though I doubt even SBS would have the balls to show it).

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