Free Sydney preview: Chandon Pictures

Sydney viewers can get a free sneak peek of the new Foxtel comedy Chandon Pictures if they are quick to RSVP to a cinema screening taking place on Wednesday October 17 @ 7pm.

The comedy is a spin-off from a Tropfest win by Rob Carlton and Alex Weinress. The series follows the misadventures of struggling video production company, ‘Chandon Pictures.’ It also features actors Josh Lawson, Darren Gilshenan and Rebecca Massey and guest stars who will include Graeme Blundell, Angus Sampson, Peter Phelps and Justine Clarke.

At the free screening by Popcorn Taxi 2 eps will screen followed by a Q+A with the creators.

Chandon Pictures premieres on Movie Extra Saturday November 10 6:30pm.

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