Gallery: Satisfaction

Here are some of the first photos from Satisfaction, Foxtel’s new Melbourne-made drama starring Alison Whyte, Madeleine West, Diana Glenn and Nicholas Bell.

The series is set in a brothel and looks at the dual lives of five high class hookers.

“They are love stories with a twist – about strong women keeping themselves together when they’re giving so much of themselves away,” says the press kit.

The series is created by some of the team from Stingers, Answered by Fire, Good Guys Bad Guys and Halifax FP.

Satisfaction launches in December on the new Channel, Showcase.


  1. i hope they do aome advertising on when it will be back on, I would hate to miss it as I stumbled on it during a demand weekend & am now hooked !

  2. omg, i just finished watching this series,i want the new one to start, i dont even know if there is a new one, can anyone tell me….
    i am totally addicted to this series, it just cant end there….

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