Gone: Smallville

Faster than a speeding bullet, TEN is dropping Smallville.

After returning it to schedule at 6:30pm Saturdays only 3 weeks ago, the network has chosen to remove it, effective from October 27.

It will be replaced by Deadliest Catch, which currently screens after it, to make room for Saturday night movies.

The move continues an on-going, poor scheduling of the series which has constantly frustrated fans. But clearly there isn’t enough of them.

Last week, TEN trailed behind the ABC for the evening, and is struggling without AFL programming. Smallville appears to have been jettisoned off to Krypton as a result.

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  1. thats one big dissapointment when i contacted 10 they told me it will go through summer yet we can watch the simsons over and over get rid of that not everybody likes fishing footy cricket all the time bring back smallville or you will get poor ratings since jericho gets droped you will prob drop the news next

  2. I’ve had the rabish with you 10 SERIOUSLY you send me a reminder that
    Smallville is on on TIME.
    And what do I GET Some more of your Rubish AGAIN.
    SERIOUSLY you are out of my LIST. SERIOUSLY I do not belive your adds any more. SERIOUSLY hope that the other chanels will put on Smallvile. SERIOUSLY What in the name is the rubish of Simpsons so important.


  3. I cannot believe channel ten – how do they expect something to achieve good solid ratings if they mess around with it constantly. It is a bit like trying to run a network without any good staff (hint hint).

    Give it more than a few weeks at a consistent time slot and it may actually suprise them

  4. quite sad, i was actually looking forward to seeing series 6. 6:30 saturday wasn’t bad for me, i vote californications timeslot once its finished, or maybe the original thursday slot? what was ever wrong with that

  5. People have short memories… I remember Smallville was treated like a hot-potato by Nine when the cricket wasn’t on. It got a good run on Ten. Who wants it now? Channel 31?

  6. “Justice” is an absolute ripper of an episodes … so many hotties!
    I am with Neon Kitten and happily downloading the new season of Smallville … no point expecting it to be treated decently (just like Torchwood).

  7. Ah, it was being censored for kiddies anyway.

    I’m currently enjoying the NEXT season via “illegal” means, having worked out a couple of years ago that Ten was only using Smallville as filler programming, and had no intention of screening it regularly.

  8. It’s sad because the show, with the introduction of other Super heroes, such as Green Arrow, was starting to get really juicy. I was looking forward to the episode titled “Justice” which would unite Clark with a few other pre- Super heroes. That was only a couple of weeks away…any word on the dvd realese of season 6?

  9. TEN have NOBODY to blame but themselves for Smallville’s poor ratings.

    When it was on Fridays, it was often pre-empted in some states; occassionally airing AFTER midnight. And since when did ANY serialized show rate well on the coveted 6.30pm Saturday timeslot?

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