Scary strike could cripple US TV

October 31 is renowned as Halloween in the US.

But its also the same date the current contract between the Writers’ Guild of America expires with studios.

Since July both sides have engaged in a battle over residuals, DVD profits, and fees in reality and cable. If the dispute isn’t settled the industry could be crippled by the end of the month.

The last WGA strike in 1988 lasted a staggering 22 weeks.

As a result studios have been frantically filming and stockpiling scripts in readiness for a worst-case scenario.

“The WGA leadership is hidebound to strike. We are farther apart today than when we started, and the only outcome we see is a disaster,” said the president of the motion picture alliance after six unfruitful table discussions.

Source: The West


  1. Do not under estimate the impact this can have on scripted tv. I remember the last one in 1988 had an effect on Star Trek TNG’s second season. For one it was reduced from 26 to 22 episodes.

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