"Why punish the Worm?"

The Debate is shaping up as a combined Sky News and ABC affair it seems (we still have to wait and see if Rudd agrees to Howard’s rules).

Meanwhile there is talk that Nine may upset the applecart by re-introducing its beloved Worm -the electronic audience polling device- to decide the winner.

Howard isn’t a fan of the Worm, but if Nine has a studio audience with the nifty tool it will give the network a way to piggyback onto the Debate.

“Why punish the worm?” Mr Rudd said yesterday. “Everyone in Australia likes the worm. Let’s be friends of the worm.”

Nine News boss John Westacott said banning the worm was “undemocratic and an attack on free speech and political comment”.

Nine is planning to have 100 undecided voters on Sunday night.

Source: The Australian.

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  1. I don\’t think the worm is unreliable – it\’s just a realtime gauge of a debate. It\’s also interesting to see what the audience finds interesting and relevant. Remember it\’s a debate, not the election!

  2. I presume the reason for Mr Howard to be against the ‘worm’ is because it is proven to be very unreliable.
    In the last election, the ‘worm’ was against Howard yet he won the election.
    Proves the audience is mostly Labor supporters!

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