Can Beckham save TEN from being the Biggest Loser?

Network TEN looks set to finish the 2007 ratings year without a weekly win under its belt. In a ratings walkover by the Seven Network, it has 35 weekly wins to Nine’s 2 and TEN’s 0.

TEN has one realistic shot left to volley, the final week of ratings beginning November 25.

In that week it has the finale of Australian Idol on Sunday and a live David Beckham-led football match between LA Galaxy and Sydney FC on Tuesday 27th. It will be preceded by a world exclusive David Beckham Interview, hosted by Bill Woods.

But the fly in the ointment could well be a finale of Seven’s Dancing with the Stars expected the same night.

TEN will also have Cane and Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader?

Beckham fans will get an overdose of the star with three other specials on the ABC, SBS and UKTV.

Beckham airs at 9:20pm Tue Nov 20 on ABC.
David Beckham airs 11:55pm Thu 22nd on SBS. Rpt.
David Beckham: New Beginnings airs 8:30pm Tue Dec 4 on UKTV.

UPDATED: Cane will no longer premiere after the Idol finale but on Wed Nov 28.

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  1. Actually, the Chaser only has three episodes left to go, and The Librarians ratings have dropped considerably since the pilot, so there is a slight chance that Cane could possibly work here.

  2. What happened to his left foot in the picture above? 😛

    I don’t think TEN have a chance, Cane isn’t going to pull the numbers they need (especially on Wednesday against The Chaser) and they are going to bomb on Monday, Thursday and Friday.

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