Can Seven’s Heroes save our world?

Spare a thought for Aussie programmers trying to come to terms with the ramifications of the Writers’ Strike.

Only four days in and shows are dropping like flies. They must be grateful we are nearing the end of our ratings season, which buys them some precious time to take stock of this whole, sordid mess.

In addition to no Letterman and Leno, shows that have been ‘fasttracked / streaming direct / direct from the US” are hovering in perilous times.

One of these is Seven’s Heroes, currently screening about ten days out from the US.

But now creator Tim Kring is talking about a Dec 3 episode serving as a kind of “season finale” in case the strike lingers. Problem is, that will be two more episodes after Australian ratings end (officially Dec 1). Factoring in the current ‘fasttracked’ turnaround we could finish up with 2 unaired episodes hanging in the balance.

If the strike drags on into 2008 who knows how long it will before our storylines are resolved?

So what’s the answer? It’s unlikely Seven will air these in December non-ratings. It could however catch-up with a double episode, not a bad idea given that there is no Bionic Woman screening on November 22.

Meanwhile Tim Kring is also addressing criticisms that the show has been sluggish this season, agreeing that Hiro has lingered too long in Japan, that romances are not the show’s forte, and that the pace has been too slow.

You can read his comments here.

So how about it Mr Worner and Mr Hill? Let’s beef up the schedule with an extra ep. That would leave just one episode, Kring’s “mid-series finale” to air in December as an early Christmas present.

Updated: Correction -Two more eps

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  1. Please note: correction to 2 eps.

    Depending on how the strike pans out they may only have 2 eps for February. Clearly unsatisfactory.

    Or they will hold them off until mid year when the rest of series comes back on track. Also far from ideal.

    At this stage while the strike only begins nobody really knows how to address problems like this. Seven has to make a decision based on what we know now and hope it works out.

    America will get some sort of rounded compendium by Dec 3.

    At this stage, we won’t…

  2. I don’t think Seven would hold the 3 episodes for the next ratings period, especially since Heroes is no longer the high rater it used to be, it gets about 1- 1.1 million, I think this would make ratings worse as it would push people towards watching it on the net if they had a 3 month gap for 3 episodes.

  3. i watched heroes last night for the last time. This show is way too slow compared to last season, its taken like 6 episodes for the South Americans to reach the USA!! Like what the hell is that about. And Hiro kissing that princess was just crazy as there was no passion or realness to it at all. I really loved season 1 but watching season 2, well I would sooner read a book.

  4. Okay now THAT sounds like a brilliant idea, I hadn’t even realised how the non-ratings period would affect all of this.

    But what is the likelihood of Seven actually doing that? Especially since the finale usually rates higher than the mid-season episodes (yes?), wouldn’t they hold them out for late Jan/Feb, i.e. whenever the ratings period starts again?

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