Debate #2 on TT?

Ad man John Singleton to host a second debate between Rudd and Howard on the Seven Network?

That’s the offer from Today Tonight to the two leaders -and one which Kevin Rudd has heartily accepted.

Peter Meakin (the same one who has been convicted of a drink driving charge) has proposed a second debate on TT anytime the two are available.

“Mr Rudd is happy to make himself available at a time that allows you to schedule a broadcast of the debate,” an ALP official wrote to Channel Seven.

“He is also happy for you to apply any audience reaction meters or have audience feedback as part of the format.”

The only reason Howard would surely agree to this is that the show speaks to middle Australia more effectively than any other. But then again that’s with a whole lot of foot-indoor exposes, consumer and celebrity stories too. Maybe the two leaders should test-drive varying margarines or tell us what germs are on our dishcloths?
Source: Sydney Morning Herald

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  1. Seeing how Seven news loses interest in the election anytime the polls don’t suggest a Howard comeback I can’t imagine that being a fair contest. Then again it would take a lot more than that for Howard to beat Rudd.

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