Great Outdoors cast tripped up

Seven has confirmed that Shelley Craft has departed from The Great Outdoors.

But she has already recorded 19 stories for the series which could go ahead next year.

This year the travel show moved from its long-term Monday home to the lower-profiled 6:30pm Saturdays. Its final episode for 2007 aired a few weeks ago to 943,000 viewers.

The travel genre appears to be waning. Getaway is also finding a smaller audience lately. Last week it was down to 962,000 viewers.

Meanwhile speculation about The Great Outdoors‘ future is ramping up as the TV year comes to a close. According to Confidential, Seven co-hosts Ernie Dingo and Andrew Daddo are said to be “anxious over axings.” A year ago Laura Csorstan and Di Smith were let go from the same show.

But Dingo’s manager said, “as far as the information we have at this stage, the show is going ahead.”

Source: Confidential.

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  1. i would imagine these travel shows are expensive to produce, so it seems rather a waste of money to spend the money on them, and in the case of “the great outdoors” put it on TV death night on Saturdays and as for Getaway,there should be some law passed banning Catriona Rowntree from ever appearing on TV ever again..enough said..Craig

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