Nine happy on The Chopping Block

News today that Catriona Rowntree and Matt Moran are to host a new cooking-reality show for Nine, The Chopping Block.

To be produced by Julian Cress and David Barbour, creators of The Block, it will see two Sydney and Melbourne restaurants vie to win over a food critics in 48 hours.

Chef Matt Moran was previously a judge on the similarly themed My Restaurant Rules for Seven.

So is this different to the Food Fight show we heard about last week from the same producers? That one involves family-based restaurants and renovations. It’s sounding more and more like Seven’s old show has been divided into two formats, one with a building theme the other with a cooking angle.

Source: Confidential

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  1. Oh come on, Nine. Spend money on something that isn’t Just Another High-Concept Competition Show.

    If you want to know why Nine’s looking tired and Seven’s energised, look no further than “City Homicide”.

    Nine would never have gone there.

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