Rudd to call on Rove

After years of never hearing from the PM, Rove will get to meet with Kevin Rudd when he guests on the final show next Sunday night.

Rove famously staged a “PM call Rove” campaign in 2004, even stalking his residence and ambushing an interview, but he has been perpetually snubbed.

It seems the ALP is happy to court Rove’s younger demographics.

According to the show’s official website, he is a guest next week alongside Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Donovan.

Can’t wait to hear how Rudd answers those “$20 bucks in 20 seconds” questions!

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  1. Howard refuses to be interviewed by Rove..Rove said he’d had an open invitation for Howard to appear on his show..that is why he wanted his fans to ask Howard directly..”who would you turn gay for”.when a camera was around with newscrews

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