TEN gets Outrageous

TEN has finally confirmed talk that Outrageous Fortune will screen on Friday nights.

The NZ comedy about a dysfunctional family trying to stay on the straight and narrow previously aired on the Nine Network.

TEN will screen from Series 2 beginning at 10:30pm tomorrow (Friday) night.

The series also features actor Grant Bowler, best known as the narrator of Border Security. It has had 3 series completed in New Zealand, with a 4th approved. Other recognisable faces will include Aaron Jeffrey (S3) and Michelle Ang.

Nine found itself crossing swords with the Screen Producers’ Association of Australia when there was speculation it would seek to have the show qualify for local content points under a Free Trade technicality. It didn’t.

Outrageous Fortune airs 10:30pm Friday on TEN.

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  1. This is such a great show, its sad that it keeps getting put back to later time slots so its hard to know when its on. The show has a cult following and should be left at one timeslot so it’s easier for new watchers to get into it.

  2. I can’t recall whether ch9 finished off airing series one, or just put it at an even later timeslot.

    This show is ridiculously addictive, if only for the accents and bogan drama. Channel 10 must think it has legs. I will be watching this.

  3. In that case, Arena must have first-run rights to te series.

    It’s quite odd to TEN to purchase the rights to a show that never rated all that well to begin with. Nevertheless, I’ll be checking it out when it premieres on TEN.

    Surely Veronica Mars would rate better than this? 😐

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