TT vs Chaser round 3

This reprinted photo is one of two photographs that Seven appears to have removed from its brand new Sunrise website that used to be hosted here.

The new-look site has promised to “set the standard” by updating everyday, but updating seems to include deleting too.

UPDATE: Google cache

This evening Today Tonight managed to milk a full fifteen uninterrupted minutes out of an opportune Chaser blunder.

TT’s version claimed the Chaser boys trespassed on Seven property -a claim Seven’s vision seems to uphold. They did however neglect to mention the ABC’s position that Anna Coren graciously participated in a sketch about current affairs re-enactments.

It was this footage that Seven sought the injunction over. So if you’re going to the trouble of getting the injunction, shouldn’t you concede there was more to the story than the trespass?

Bryan Seymour, with a nose for a good story, quickly pounced on the moment and started firing off questions about trespassing. He knew this was a moment to seize and he was right.

And like a good journo he turned it round to make it look like the Chaser boys were in the wrong. It’s hard not to agree with him on that point. But it’s also hard not to agree with Chas Licciardello that the furore is bigger than the stunt itself. Licciardello can’t have it both ways. It’s a bit rich to continually execute stunts and then when they backfire to argue everyone is over-reacting.

But while real issues in the lead-up to an election barely make the grade on current affairs programs, Seven milked this for all its worth. But who can blame them?

Just the mention of the word Chaser is likely to add another 100,000 to their nightly ratings and they weren’t going to let this opportunity go by.

How Anna Coren, who has reportedly been along to Chaser parties, could scold the ABC team in her introduction without letting the audience know whether she had complied with the ABC boys is beyond this author. All she admitted to was that they hadn’t been ‘invited.” That’s selective semantics, surely?

There’s no doubt the naughty Chaser boys were doing what they always do, ambush tactics, which ummm, to the best of my memory is a hallmark of current affairs journalism too.

All we need now is for the Chaser to show us footage of Seymour with similar foot-in-door journalism, followed by both shows getting #1 and #2 positions in the nightly ratings and then we can all get some sleep.

UPDATE: The Chaser’s inclusion of this incident in their Wed show was low key, belated and lasted for about 3 minutes which is the sum total of its worth. Chas and Andrew “re-enacted” the TT invasion, parodying themselves and the Seven staff.

Of course Seymour and the Chaser boys have a history of rivalry as the adults-only clip illustrates below. Can we say Payback?

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  1. The bit I loved the most was when Bryan Seymour’s voiceover (on TT) said that ‘the Chaser boys were clearly sweating’. Of course they were, it was obviously a hot day, as evidenced by Bryan Seymour’s rather large sweat patches. What a tool. I laughed so hard when he was trying to make them sing as he clicked along a beat.

  2. I know TT were on a tight schedule to get the story to air tonight…..but they really should have blurred the phone numbers of ALL there crew that was written on the whiteboard that Chas was standing in front of.
    All the Camera & Sound Operators numbers were there for the world to see!!!!!!!!!!!

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