World of Animalia

Animalia, the highly successful illustrated books by children’s author Graeme Base, will have its premiere on TEN next weekend.

But the Australian-made animated series has been given a low-profile timeslot of 12pm Sunday afternoons, which for a debut series is rather disappointing.

Crafted on the Gold Coast and in Melbourne, the $20m series of 40 episodes had its premiere at the Melbourne International Film Festival in August. It will be translated into other languages meaning the alphabet-link of the stories is no longer a part of the storytelling. The series will also sport a modified appearance from the book illustrations, but Base, who served as one of the 5 producers, remains happy with the finished product.

He said the TV series will take viewers “somewhere quite profound and give you a depth that is really exhilarating.”

Alex and Zoe are two kids who find themselves in an extraordinary situation. After stumbling across a magical portal hidden in the town library they’re led to a parallel dimension, a sophisticated world called ANIMALIA.

Animalia premieres at 12pm Sunday November 11 on TEN.

Additional source: The Age

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