Airdate: Burn Notice

TEN will air the US drama Burn Notice starring Jeffery Donovan (Touching Evil) next month.

The title of the show refers to the ‘burn notices’ issued by intelligence agencies to announce the dismissal of agents who have become unreliable.

TEN will divide its 90min cable premiere into two 60 minute editions beginning 8:30pm Tue January 15.

The series, which began in June on the USA Network, has had good reviews and been approved for a second season. It also stars Gabrielle Anwar, Bruce Campbell and the acclaimed Sharon Gless.

Variety said the charismatic Donovan displayed a “mix of comedy, action and roguish charm.”

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  1. Heya ~

    While flipping thru the channels one night, we happened to stop on Burn Notice. Hooked us! Not surprising considering the main character is played by the lovely Jeffery Donovan. 🙂 Burn Notice is an easy, fun show. I hope it is well received in Australia too.

    Happy Holidays ~

  2. Ten is premiering this late in Summer (15 Jan) and with 12 eps (plus one extra as Ten is turning the 90 minute pilot into 2 eps) they must ne planning to run it into the ratings season.

    With 13 eps it would occupy the 8.30 Tues slot through till March 8

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