In: BB Uncut. Out: BB UpLate.

As previously rumoured, Big Brother Up Late is being dropped for 2008. Reports had claimed the show is no longer the money-spinner it once was.

But there will be other ‘new shows’ for the series, including a version of BB Uncut.

A newspaper interview given by Mike Goldman and Bree Amer to the West Australian also indicates more Friday Night Live and Friday Night Download for the trio which includes Ryan Fitzgerald.

When quoted in the press last month, Goldman said he was “not allowed to speak about Big Brother.” That appears to have changed. He now looks back on Gretel Killeen’s role on the show with favour saying, “It was her show in many respects. She didn’t just get up and host it she played a big part in the making of it.

“I’ve seen some horrible things written about her over the years, her kids and what kind of mother she is,” he says. “It’s just a TV show.”

Unsurprisingly he expects Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O to don “good cop, bad cop” roles.

Dropping Up Late is an interesting move. I don’t buy the line that it isn’t a money-spinner, TV like this barely gets any cheaper to make, and Goldman did an admirable job giving the television equivalent of radio.

The show was also an opportunity to cut into late-night action as it happened in the house. How many times have we seen tantrums, love-ins, and housemates threatening to leave the house during the wee hours of the morning? Producers would often smartly ply them with alcohol in the evenings just to beef up their behaviour.

It’s odd to think that Up Late couldn’t form part of the TEN HD line-up, especially given that TEN promised “Natural extensions of TEN’s big-event franchises, such as The Biggest Loser, Australian Idol, Big Brother and So You Think You Can Dance.

Source: West Australian


  1. The only BB show I really watched was Up Late and occasionally the daily show… so that sucks. I’m just worried that I’ll now have to get a HD PVR just to watch it… which is a stupid thing to do for crappy programming.

  2. Brining in Kyle “The polished turd” Sandilands and brining back Uncut shows that Ten will do nothing to bring the show back to it’s former “glory” apart than push the controversy button. Pretty much Big Brother is and always will be the televised equivalent of Britney “Look at me! I’m so naughty!” Spears.


    My Worst Fear is Revealed!!!!!!!!!!

    I like Uplate it’s the Perfect way to go to sleep with and now i’m shaterred.

  4. Not sure I got all the gist of your “another channel” point. Basically a producer applying for a permit is still a producer applying for a permit whether its on HD or not.

    Again, the key words are “new shows.” We may have a new show that gives a late edition of BB in another way.

  5. “It’s odd to think that Up Late couldn’t form part of the TEN HD line-up, especially given that TEN promised “Natural extensions of TEN’s big-event franchises.”

    Very, very true…I myself am left wondering what the ‘real’ reason is here.

    Just quietly, I wonder if there are any special licensing requirements for taking any sort of ‘call-in and pay 55 cents’ show and putting it on the HD channels? Technically, it’s another channel right? So whatever ‘legal-ese’ they have to go through to get these things setup on the regular channel would have to be done all over again if they choose to set it up on another channel…even if they own both of them. So that sort of setup = extra time + costs.

    I think it’s at least good that Goldman is doing the Friday Night Download/Games show, it allows him to tear away from being ‘second fiddle’ to Gretel on BB and to do a show where he can truly showcase how wonderful a host he is.

    And I’m glad Gretel has been let go too, even if it was a controversial move. Can’t say I ever warmed to her as a host, there was no real charm about her. But I’m also not convinced Kyle + Jackie are appropriate as replacements, I suspect Kyle is going to take his ‘I’m a jacka**’ personality to the next level on this sort of show.

  6. Don’t they get it uplate exists to keep track of whats going on in the house it is the only time that we get to see what is going on LIVE in the house besides evictions etc.

    It should have nothing to do with money after all they are in there to be watched aren’t they?

  7. I find it hard to believe that they’d drop Up-Late. Worst case scenario, they’ll give it a new title and dump it in HD.

    I’m not liking ANY of these changes though. They REALLY need to dump Kyle/Jackie O if the upcoming season has any chance of survival.

  8. YAY!!! Let’s hope quality TV (eg, Letterman, or cult shows) replaces Uplate…

    I always found Uplate “hogged” screentime for other good shows. But I do agree that they should at least do an HD version.

  9. Mike Goldman can’t be happy about this at all. Surely his salary will have to drop by a huge amount as a result?? That’s about 15 hours less work a week for him…

  10. well there goes me watching BB next year. First Gretel, now Uplate!? Ridiculous! i thought they wanted the show to go well, not alienate the people who still DO watch it?

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