Night Cap brews for 7HD

Jessica Rowe, Big Brother’s Zach Douglas and sports presenter Matthew White look set to front a new late night chat show being prepared for 7HD, The Night Cap.

The show, to be produced by morning whiz-kid Adam Boland, is understood to be slated for the 10:30pm timeslot.

“We’re now in week eight of multi-channelling and move to a broader model of more than 50hours in the coming days, before Ten launches its channel,” Seven spokesman Simon Francis has told The Australian.

“We then build on this expanded presence with new Australian programming only on Seven HD in the new year.”

It is likely the crucial 6pm-10:30pm timeslot will be “ring-fenced” in order to protect big advertisers.

A network executive also confirmed TiVo was in alpha-testing mode.


  1. “We’re now in week eight of multi-channelling and move to a broader model of more than 50hours in the coming days, before Ten launches its channel”

    Oh dear.

    The pathetic pissing contest continues at Seven, and so far they haven’t gotten ANYTHING right.

    Once again I’ll remind them that by screening shows that nobody knows are on in place of shows people EXPECT to be on, all you do is annoy viewers. And yes, the 10.30pm-11.30pm slot DOES have a lot of viewers, many of whom are not at all happy at ther treatment over the past month and a half.

    And Simon Francis, how about moving and dimming that damn HD watermark? Oh, and stop putting the 7HD logo on “30 Rock” promos. It’s not shown in HD thanks to your dumb mine’s-bigger-than-yours contest with Ten.

  2. 7 seems to be saying that this show will only be on the HD channel. If this is the case, I think it’s true that ratings aren’t even available for HD channels.

  3. It will be interesting to see what happens with this show. If it actually rates (and that is going to be a big ask – the talent pool is a little shallow), don’t be surprised if Seven doesn’t move it to it’s main channel.

    One thing that people haven’t realised about the HD channels, is it will give the networks the opportunity to try out some programs and if they work, they can switch them over to the main channel.

    Making HD programs is about the same cost as SD programs (actually, it can be a little cheaper as the tape stock is cheaper and the storage space requirements are lower).

    I have heard that Ten are looking at trailing a new program on the HD channel and it it works giving it a Saturday daytime slot on the main channel.

  4. hahaha good luck with this tv show 7
    i can’t wait to see the out come of this show, i’m sure it will flop and probably be axed straight after the first showing of bad ratings…
    I find it amusing that 7 will go that low.. LOSERS

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