Returning: The L Word

That’s “L for late.”

And “L for limited” given the return of Showtime’s drama will be on the Movie Extra channel.

This third series aired in the US in January 2006, but at least it’s turning up somewhere in Oz. The fifth series launches in the US in January.

The L Word hit Aussie screens on Seven in 2004 and garnered a bit of Californication-style buzz for its sensual, uncompromising sex scenes and racy storylines. Sponsors were hounded to drop their advertising by religious groups. Seven persisted with the second series the following year, but only attracted soft ratings.

The third series is scheduled for 9:30pm March 30 2008 on Movie Extra in Australia – don’t say we never give you plenty of notice!

Series one and two have previously aired on the W Channel. A DVD of the third series has been out for some time.

Series 3 Exclusive Premiere Sunday March 30 at 9:30pm

THE L WORD ladies and their legion of devoted viewers will be given due justice from next month, as MOVIE EXTRA announces acquisition of seasons 3, 4 and 5 – never before shown in Australia.

Critically-acclaimed, THE L WORD is a provocative journey revealing an integral part of the fabric of modern society. Inspired by the everyday stories of life, the unique series offers a cast of notable characters that represent all the beauty, chaos and complexities of real women who inhabit Los Angeles’ lesbian community.

General Manager, Marketing & Content Strategy for Movie Network Channels, Peter Jenetsky explained that the network’s motivation for acquiring the series was based upon a principal of sourcing first-run content for the EXTRA channel that pushes boundaries and offers an open-minded alternative to the norm.

“THE L WORD has already established a dedicated following which extends well beyond the lesbian and gay community, and has proven itself as a quality drama which deserves to be seen. There are viewers out there who have been waiting and hoping for new episodes to be shown on Australian television – and EXTRA is the right channel to do this show justice, with four plays each week, two of them being in primetime,” said Jenetsky.

”This acquisition is a great match for a channel like EXTRA, which continues to build its reputation for seeking original and exclusive content. And on a broader scale, obtaining quality, first run series is great for subscription TV in general, providing viewers with an expansive and unrestricted source of entertainment,” he added.

Series 3 will revolve around ten women: Bette Porter (Jennifer Beals), Tina Kennard (Laurel Holloman), Jenny Schecter (Mia Kirshner), Shane McCutcheon (Katherine Moennig), Dana Fairbanks (Erin Daniels), Alice Pieszecki (Leisha Hailey), Kit Porter (Pam Grier), Carmen de la Pica Morales (Sarah Shahi), Helena Peabody (Rachel Shelley) and newcomer Moira Sweeney (Daniela Sea). The third season of this heartfelt and compelling series will introduce a highly emotional storyline with a key character dealing with breast cancer – an issue affecting women from all walks of life.

THE L WORD Series 3 will premiere on MOVIE EXTRA Sundays at 9:30pm from March 30

Encores Mondays at 12:30pm; Wednesdays at 8:30pm & Fridays at 11:30pm

Get immersed into the world of THE L WORLD online:

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  1. In relation to Foxtel trying to make their customers upgrade to the movie packages for TV shows — contrary to what most people seem to assume, Movie Network Channels (MOVIE ONE, TWO, GREATS and EXTRA) is not Foxtel-owned. They are owned by the big movie studios such as WB, MGM and Disney ABC International Television.

    So Foxtel is simply their platform and not involved in their programming decisions or content buying.

  2. I HATE how foxtel is trying to make customers upgrade their packages by putting all the good new shows on the MOVIE channels – i don’t want to have to pay to get the movie channels only to get tv shows – talk about a rort!

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