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Just before everyone starts packing up their files and shutting down their PCs now the ratings year is over, how about a little reminder of the shows that were promised for 2007, but never delivered?

All year TV Tonight has hosted a 2007 Show Watch which has slowly shrunk as shows premiered throughout the year.

You thought we’d forgotten about shows like Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and Kidnapped from Nine, Michael Palin’s New Europe from Seven and Double the Fist from the ABC?


At the end of 2006 Nine even promised a gameshow called Show Me the Money. So where is it? Hotel Babylon was also promised. Last week it featured in Nine’s 2008 programme launch, but we’re still waiting for the 2007 episodes, and it’s the same story for Monarchy.

So, for the record, here are the promised shows that according to my calculations still haven’t aired:

Double the Fist
Lightning City

The Real Seachange
Michael Palin’s New Europe
American Dad (starts Thurs)

Show Me the Money
The Truth About Food
Hotel Babylon
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
The Nine

Rules of Engagement (now for 2008)
Jamie’s Chefs: Cutting the Apron Strings.
3 Pounds

Major Crime (renamed East West 101 airs Thursday)
A Bit of Black Business
Real Top Guns (airs in Dec)

Satisfaction (airs Wed)
Stupid, Stupid Man (airs in Dec)


  1. Studio 60 was great but got axed. Most of the actors from the the west wing ended up on that. Same creator and writer as the west wing. Brilliant writer. The last couple of shows turned in to a west wing show which made it even better. Wish they kept it going.

    The Nine only made it to 9 shows before it was axed.

  2. “Jamie’s Chef’s: Cutting the apron strings”- I think this show was screened, just under the title “Jamie’s Chef”. At least I had assumed that was it. Ross

  3. studio 60 was a fantastic show… proberbly one of the best dramas that has aired in a long while. But, as mentioned above, is available on dvd overseas, so if you can get ahold of it… watch it!

  4. Rules Of Engagement and Unhitched are two different shows. The first stars David Spade and Patrick Warburton, the second is produced by the Farrelly Brothers and hasn’t aired in the US yet.

  5. Ten aired all of the Tench episodes last year, likely against any logic and wisdom.

    I seem to recall seeing Raines at least appear on a schedule for a few episodes.

  6. Well, for those who just have to see them, both Kidnapped and Studio 60 are already on DVD in the states. As for the rest, meh.

    Also, didn’t Ten originally commit to 26 eps of David Tench Tonight, but only air like 11? Did the remaining eps ever get made, let alone aired? Not that I liked it, I just have a morbid need to know… 🙂

  7. These shows were based on what networks promised in 2007.

    – Nine’s Monarchy differs from the ABC’s yes.

    – Whilst there was speculation about more (abba)Mania specials it never formed part of Nine’s official announcement for 07.

    – Packed to the Rafters wasn’t promised for 07. It was announced in 07 as going into development. that’s not the same thing.

    – Certainly several shows (eps for Nine and TEN) fell over with only a handful of eps. Too bad. This is a look at what was promised and not delivered. Interestingly even those with minimal eps haven’t been slated in summer.

    – As for The Real Seachange, yes it aired in 2006. Seven promised a new series for 2007 and hasn’t delivered. Original press release is as follows:

    “Seven unveils first phase of 07 programming.

    Australian Football League and V8s lead Seven’s assault on 07.

    The biggest new programmes on American television: Heroes, Ugly Betty, Shark, Brothers and Sisters, What About Brian and Shark join Desperate Housewives, Lost, Grey’s Anatomy, Criminal Minds, Bones and Prison Break.

    Seven’s leadership in Australian programming delivers Australia’s Got Talent and new series for Dancing with the Stars, It Takes Two, Border Security. The Real Seachange and The Force.”

    This is the time of year when networks are crowing about what’s coming in 2008. As history shows, they will likely include shows that won’t even make it to air.

  8. I recall The Real Seachange as well I think. As for the rest meh. Most of those Nine shows flopped so they didn’t bother. Though would like to see Michael Palin’s Europe which sounds very interesting and very ABC.

  9. I’m disappointed that 7 hasn’t shown “Michael Palin’s New Europe” after buying the rights to it

    I wish they’d let ABC TV buy it instead because it’s the kind of show ABC viewers like to watch

  10. Oliver Peterson

    I also remember seeing Nine’s ‘Sneak peak’ with Livinia Nixon and Richard Wilkins advising that they would show more “…MANIA”. Remember this time last year, Nine broadcast ABBAMANIA with Bec Hewitt and Richard Wilkins as hosts where the likes of Jaynie Seal were doing covers of famous Abba songs.

    If my memory serves me correctly then the show actually was the highest rating 8.30PM show on that Sunday evening.

    Also David, are there any unaired episodes of Justice that Nine plan to show over summer?

  11. Presumably the NINE “Monarchy” is different from the one showing currently on the ABC?

    Interesting that 7 has the Michael Palin “Europe” as it sounds like one the ABC would want.

  12. Didn’t “The Real Seachange” go to air to complete viewer indifference? I’m sure I remember seeing it, though perhaps that was just a bad dream.

    Studio 60? Pah, care factor zero. Anyone interested has seen the entire series already. Nine relaly dropped the ball on that one.

    “The Nine”, meanwhile, will likely end up as filler because (a) it’s really not very good at all, and (b) it got axed at lightning speed in the US.

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