Thank God still not Here

Despite the spin two weeks ago it would be back “bigger and better” in 2008, TEN’s Thank God You’re Here is still unsigned.

The show was TEN’s most popular regular series in 2007.

Working Dog manager Michael Hirsh told the Daily Telegraph they were undecided about returning.

“We’re always thinking about other shows we want to develop and produce,” he said. Meanwhile the team will bring back its Panel Xmas Wrap on Christmas Eve.

But without TGYH, TEN programmers may be forced to improvise…

UPDATED: “We’ve neither – I sound like a politician here – ruled it in or out,” Tom Gleisner told the Herald-Sun.

“That’s the truth of it. We tend to look at all the things we want to do next year and as a rule we often give priority to new things.”


  1. i agree with jon…
    the choice in actors is essential to keep the people interested.

    eg: have glenn robbins, hamish blake, frank woodley and julia zemiro then youve got a great show

    however any show that has the girl from the wedge and ahn do i just turn off because they are not funny

  2. I agree, I love the show, I understand that new projects would be important to them, but can’t they just get a company of people to work underneath them and produce the show? Probably wouldn’t work.

    I’ve been thinking, someone should really try and get an Australian version of “Who’s Line Is It Anyway?” off the ground, Ithink it’d be fantastic for Aussie Comedians. As much as I love Thank God You’re Here, WLIIA has got the ability to be live tv like DWTS etc. Just a thought haha.

  3. I like TGYH very much and would be sad to see it disappear from TV. I’m not sure how predictable it is, but it all depends on the guests.Hamish was on TGYH several times and he always came with some different gags that were quite entertaining. I’m not about the cost though. It is quite possible that it might be too expensive to produce it. All those sets that they set up for each gag are sometimes very lavish and could probably be a put off for the TV network. I’m sure if they could make it for less the show would probably stay for sure.

  4. TGYH is getting a bit too predictable and overshown. If the seasons were spread further apart and Ten didn’t air seasons twice with repeats, it would probably improve the show a lot (although I don’t think this will happen, as TGYH gets excellent ratings). The show always promises before each season to be “bigger and better”, but it’s always the same anyway.

  5. I understand that Working Dog don’t want to commit to their series’ for very long, but TGYH is the sort of show that will NEVER grow old as long as they regularly concoct new scenarios and bring in new comedians/celebs to shake things up a little.

    Shows like this can run for 10, even 20+ seasons. Maybe they could hire new people (as well as keeping some of the people who’ve made it a success) to run TGYH while the rest of the Working Dog team pursue other other projects.

    It would be silly to give up on this sort of show after only two seasons (I treat series 1-2 as one season).

  6. I know working dog don’t like to leave their shows on air for long, but TGYH deserves to be on, its not getting old, its still fresh and as the other poster said it still does have years left in it.

    Plus TEN need it in their schedule.

  7. TGYH is the only great Aussie comedy show in production at the moment. It features our REAL comedians who are quick off the mark, not just remember the words someone else wrote for them to say.

    The series has years and years left in it, even if they want to do other prjects and just do a 10-ep season each year.

    For them to launch this fantastic show and then let it go after only 2 years is a big shame.

    Hope they sign soon and keep the show going as long as possible. As they say, one door, infinite possibilities.

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