Airdate: Super Bowl 2008

Let’s get ready to rumbbbble!

Super Bowl XLII will be telecast in Australia for the last time on SBS. In 2009 it moves to TEN.

The match between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots screens live at 10am AEST on Monday February 4 on SBS. It repeats later that evening at 10:50pm.

The half time entertainment this year features Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. There will be promotion of other FOX programming with American Idol’s Ryan Seacrest as host plus Paula Abdul launching her new song. Wow.

Super Bowl is also traditionally a big forum for launching US ads and new programming.


  1. Good to finally find out what Ten’s pre-HD ads showing a Bears player (Berrian/Robinson/Clark???) catching a ball in the endzone were all about. Was very disappointed when I checked the guide just now and saw Ten HD didn’t have the Superbowl.

    Ok, so anyone know what format SBS’ broadcast will be in? Widescreen SD? 576p maybe? I certainly don’t expect 720p… Since Ten HD doesn’t have it this year I think I’ll just download a HD version and watch a few days after the event. Don’t expect the Pats to have too much trouble disposing of the Giants anyway… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. So we get to watch some live matches of American Football, but Ten decides to show Formula 1 at random times with sex adverts?

    Shall I just go out and buy my American flag, a Hummer and cookie dough in a roll? I detect a subtle Americanisation of our country now…wonderful. I can’t wait until Channel 7 start showing NASCAR instead of V8 Supercars.

  3. Regarding the Australian rights to NFL, the matches covered by CBS (except the playoffs) have never been shown regularly here. From next season, Ten HD will air two games per week picking up the coverage from CBS, while Fox Sports will air the matches as covered by the Fox network, and ESPN the Sunday night and the Monday games.
    The playoffs will be split between the three broadcasters, with Ten and Fox/ESPN telecasting the Superbowl.

  4. There’s no logical reason why SBS (or TEN) would show US ads over their own when paying for the rights to this telecast.

    TEN: NFL โ€“ from September 2008, two games per week live plus the play-offs and the 2009 Super Bowl (the Super Bowl will air live on the main TEN channel as well as on TEN-HD).

  5. For those who live in the country and don’t get Channel Ten programming, enjoy the Superbowl on SBS while you can. Next year, unless one of Ten’s affiliates comes to your area, you may need to subscribe to pay-TV to watch it!

  6. Hey Dave!! You better be caqrefull using that phrase Lets get ready to rumble!! lol The guy who says it owns the rights to it and is the only one allowed to use it!! People pay very big bucks to get him to come to there event to say it !! lol
    And he has sued people for using it! One case against a local Basketball team where they used the phrase in there grand final, they had to pay one hundred grand after being sued!! lol

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