Foxtel HD Digital arrives in April

Foxtel will launch its four high def digital channels in April, sport, documentaries and general entertainment.

The channels will combine current programming available on theme-based channels, screening high-definition content.

Foxtel’s sales house Multi Channel Network is only just beginning to go out to market with the advertising opportunities available, says advertising mag B&T.

The subscription TV provider will start with four HD channels and will increase this number from April 2009. Due to problems with limited bandwidth for satellite broadcasts, Foxtel has to wait for increased bandwidth to become available via an Optus satellite.

Next week Foxtel launches its new iQHD to media followed by an official preview event of the channels on January 30.

Source: B&T


  1. Most new sets that aren’t HD are HD “ready” meaning you can see HD shows if you add the set top box. But that’s all you will see, you won’t see the HD quality.

    For that you need a true HD set.

    TEN’s marketing has been quite misleading by neglecting to detail this. You can’t simply add a set top box to a standard set and expect HD definition. All you will see is the HD channel in standard analogue.

  2. Typo yup, thanks. Using a logo on its own is always a bit dull, so until they send out new pics….

    Lazer just got your pics thanks muchly.

    As with most sites, there’s always been ads on this site, just beta testing new ideas as the site grows. Please continue in TV Lounge.

  3. Foxtel Digital will launch in April… so its true, we dont have Digital now! Or was that a typo David?

    Also thats a really old picture you have used there.

    PS – When did the ads appear on the blog? For the last few days it hasnt loaded properly and now all of a sudden there are ads.

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