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First peek at the new look ABC, clearly branding itself as ABC1 after 75 years.

Following a BBC model, the network will seek to be perceived as a multi-channel broadcaster, offering ABC1, ABC2 and, possibly, ABC3 -subject to the decisions of the new Rudd Government.

Thankfully the logo stays as is. It could have been disastrous meddling with such a recognised logo, especially one associated with a number of media platforms.

Thanks to a reader for forwarding these grabs!

What do you think of the new ABC1?

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  1. While I agree the current logo is well recognised, this easy recognition is largely derived just from being the ABC’s logo for such a long time, rather than being an actually good logo. I’ve personally disliked the logo since childhood, and have longed for the ABC to drop the squiggly lines.

    If the ABC1 logo is real, then they’ve done a good job. It’s simple but distinctive, and easy on the eyes.

    Nothing wrong with the enlarged 1, I think it’s required to distinguish it from the “ABC” portion, which it does quite well.

    (Apologies if my praise of the new logo makes me sound like a member of the ABC’s marketing division.)

  2. I can’t wait to see where this takes us. Rebranding ABC-TV to ABC1 would make a lot of sense… I never felt ABC-TV and ABC2 sat well together from a branding perspective.

  3. No, Sillygostly, the “ABC1” is used in the conjunction with the ABC logo. What you’re failing to realise is that ABC TV (or as it will be renamed ABC1) is only just a small part of the ABC (who will retain their logo)

  4. I’m glad they didn’t get rid of the logo. If we get ‘ABC 1’ added to the watermark, then they have to reduce the size of the current logo and the size of the ‘1’.

  5. I agree the font is bland and the 1 is too big. It would be better if the ABC1 was the same size and font. Perhaps they will put the squiggle logo and the 1 next to it instead of ABC.

  6. I doubt that the ABC would be stupid enough to plaster two watermarks across their network. Hell, I don’t think TV stations in this country should have watermarks of any kind (since there are so few of them. I mean how the hell can you possibly be confused between 5 TV stations? :|)

    Only cable networks in this country need watermarks, and with today’s modern set-top boxes telling us which channel we’re watching beforehand, do we REALLY need these superfluous (and distracting) watermarks?

    I was happy with TEN for sticking to their guns and not displaying a watermark for many, many years, but I was SEVERLY disappointed in them when they eventually did. They’ve quickly become the worst offenders in distracting watermarks (Ten HD anyone?)

  7. Happy they haven’t changed the logo, but I think the ‘1’ should be smaller. Or even better, replace it with the word ‘one’.

    Secondly, this may have been discussed before, but anyone else think that instead of creating a new ABC3, they should revive ABC Kids? I know the only difference is the name (and watermark), but surely we’ll get another normal ABC channel sometime in the future that they’ll want to call ABC3 (or maybe, we’ll get ABC HD, but I highly doubt that)

  8. These pics were for a promo for the 7:30 Report with Kerrie O’Brian there distributing the new and old promo’s to stations nationwide thru satellite so not really sure when these new promo’s will start as there sending both old and new out with same date stamps to be transmitted on the actual ABC channel…

  9. it looks bland (that is, the font looks bland). They really should have gone with ‘ONE’, rather than ‘1’

    There will be many complaints if they have 2 watermarks at the same time….not good…particularly if the ‘ABC1’ one stays where it currently is…too high up – if they must have 2 watermarks they should put one in the top corner

  10. hard to judge based on 2 photos but not really liking the “1”, they might have been better to go “ONE”

    But will wait to see the final product

  11. It all depends on whether or not both are going to be displayed on the screen at the same time. If yes, that would be terrible waste of viewing space. From that screen grab it’s hard to tell. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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