That’s Numberwang!

Just when you think you’ve seen all the world’s game show formats, along comes Numberwang, a grippingly banal game show that features as part of sketch comedy That Mitchell and Webb Look.

The UK comedy premieres on the ABC at 9:35pm Wednesday Feb 13. The show also screens on UKTV at 8:30pm Monday February 19.

Based on a hugely successful award winning radio show and heralded as the next Little Britain, this hilarious new sketch show by David Mitchell and Robert Webb is peopled with strange and wonderful characters such as posh tramp Sir Digby Chicken Ceasar, crime fighters Angel Summoner and The BMX Bandit, the drunken snooker commentators, and the maths game show NUMBERWANG.


  1. NUmberwang is by far the funniest thing I have seen on television for years!! I would love to see an appreciation club formed worldwide for this brilliant work of genius! Full marks to Mitchell and Webb! and of course the contestants!!

  2. Mitchell and Webb are INCREDIBLY funny. THeir first series, Peep Show has screened 3 series on ABC2, and they are very much the next big thing. Look out for ‘Sir Digby Chicken Caesar’….a tramp who thinks he’s Sherlock Holmes.

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