US Kath gets her Kim

Actress Selma Blair has been announced for the plum role of Kim in the US adaptation of Kath and Kim.

Blair appeared in the films Cruel Intentions, The Sweetest Thing, Legally Blonde and Hellboy. She also appeared as ‘Zoe’ in Zoe, Duncan, Jack & Jane. She will appear alongside Molly Shannon who was cast as ‘Kath’ last year.

The pilot will be directed by Paul Feig.

The casting announcement is certainly encouraging for the series, especially as development projects are being cut loose by studios in the midst of the writer’s strike.

Now then, who’s playing Sharon Strezlecki ploise?

Source: Reuters


  1. God I can already see this heading for disaster. The whole point of K+K is that it is Aussie and a US adaptation is just missing the point.

    All that aside…I HATE Selma Blair with the fury of a thousand suns.

  2. Take away the fact that Kath and Kim are aussie surburbanite bogans with a few extra pounds on their frame and you’ve got just another generic American sitcom. What’s next? Are they going to set it in New York and turn Sharon into a gay man or a annoying black chick?

  3. I like the American ” The Office ” been going for 4 seasons so doesn’t look like a disaster for me

    Some things work and some don’t The office is one that has been a success

  4. The US version has been totally Americanised. It is set in the suburban wastelands of Florida. Not disimilar to the suburban wastelands of south east queensland

  5. One question… Why?

    Once again it proves the americans have no fresh ideas, no they either remake successful UK programs(Cold Feet,Coupling, Men Behaving Badly,The Office), or remake/resurect there own shows from the 70’s, like the Bionic Woman.

    This has Disaster written all over it and I predict it won’t last a season.

  6. I’m struggling to understand how the US version of Kath & Kim is gonna work. K&K are both so iconic because they’re so Australian – that’s why they’re so funny. How can K&K possibly be Americanised?

    Selma Blair… pfft I’m turning off the show more and more as each news item comes in.

  7. This is going to go down the gurgler like other shows Americans like to remake…ie Ab Fab and the horendous remake of Birds of a feather with Melissa Gilbert and Rosie O’donnell..

  8. It’s a shame Ricki Lake lost all that weight… She has great comic abilities, and would have been terrific…

    Not sure this show will work, though….as much as i DO like Blair and Shannon….

    Michael x

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