Gone: Monster House. Returning: 20 to 1

One of Nine’s bright new hopes for 2008 has been pulled in its second week.

Monster House is no longer in schedule, replaced with new episodes of 20 to 1 from next week.

Last night the show only attracted 632,000 viewers, down from it’s first outing at 793,000 last week.

Nine will have quite a few episodes up its sleeve given the programme completed production before it began airing. It is believed to be shelved until non-ratings.

The bad news follows Seven dropping It Takes Two: Getting Ready from its line-up earlier today.

Photo: whatsonthetube

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  1. I actually don’t mind 20 to 1. Sure, its just celebs quaffing on about tripe, but at least its semi-intresting.

    What got me about Monster House is why they had a host, and such an incompetent one as Bernard Curry. Why couldn’t they just quickly cut between sketches, say, Borat style, and avoid all the crappy oh-this-reality-tv-haha-wasn’t-that-bit-funny-guys shite.

    The funny thing was Nine wasted a boatload advertising this trollop practically everywhere without a single person realising it was tosh. LOLZ.

  2. Channel Nine Programmers have no idea. “This is not must see TV” and would only work on say Saturday 7.30pm when there is nothing else on. Its the same with Getaway, it needs a Friday 7.30pm or Saturday 5pm or even out of ratings. I really like The Chopping Block too but think it would rate better at 9.30pm instead of 7.30pm.

  3. Great to see the programming people at Nine agreed with my comment of a few hours before their announcement. Can I have an overpaid Nine job now? πŸ™‚

    Lukey… err, yeah, way to impress the boss.

    And g superstar… Rebel Wilson’s picture as a “monster bogan” on trams all around Melbourne was putting people off this show before they even knew what it was about.

  4. What was Nine thinking? Rebel Wilson was their best cast asset and was not even featured in Episode One…she appeared in all the publicity and some idiot didn’t put her in the first episode…which is probably why viewers didn’t tune in this week even though RW was fantastic! Such a shame – the show was different and I thought it had some good moments.

  5. Thank God!

    I caught a small portion of Monster House last night while at the gym, and it seemed to be little more than offensive, homophobic tripe. The “hilarious” sketch featuring the “gay” groom was embarrassing and offensive. Nothing more than cheap stereotype jokes that would be out of place on “Are You Being Served”

    God forbid channel 9 could come up with some DECENT local comedy, instead of the crap they keep churning out.

  6. Podcast Fanatic

    Hardly surprising given the quality of the show. But what I really want to know is what kind of demotion befell the moron who gave this dumb idea a green light in the first place πŸ™‚

  7. Bad news? ORLY?

    I admit, episode one had its ‘laugh-out-loud’ moments (the Vicki Pollard-esque girl saying she was touching cloth had me lol’ing), but c’mon this show was awful and felt like it belonged in 1994 (where it still would have been given the can.

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