ACA breached ACMA code

QTQ9 will be forced to run an announcement outlining how A Current Affair breached ACMA Codes of Practice when it broadcast a story on autism in 2006.

ACMA found that factual material was not presented accurately in five instances and QTQ9 had failed to correct these significant errors of fact at the earliest opportunity.

ACMA also found that there was one instance of a viewpoint not being represented fairly.

The ACA story on government support for children with autism was critical of the performance of the then Queensland Minister for Disability Services and his department.

This is the fourth investigation since 2005 finding that a broadcast of A Current Affair has breached clause 4.3.1 of the code, which covers accuracy and the fair representation of viewpoints.

Following discussions with ACMA, QTQ9 has offered to broadcast an announcement which will include an outline of the main findings of the ACMA investigation, the number of breach findings and a correction of the issues the subject of the breaches. The announcement, to be no less than 30 seconds in duration, will be aired shortly during A Current Affair in all Queensland licence areas in which the relevant editions were broadcast.

Senior Nine Network personnel will also meet with ACMA staff to review compliance with the code and reporters and producers of A Current Affair will be required to attend advanced training in code compliance which will include a review of all the findings of the report.

Earlier this month QTQ9 was also found to have breached a Code of Practice over the screening of the film Holy Smoke.

Source: ACMA


  1. The Human Dree

    lol, they both had a good ten min segment on tonight, Channel Nine was calling them scammers and non paers while showing the akward footage while seven was in damage control for Sunrise and stated that till the show airs they dont have to pay squat, C9 aired some footage of one of the un paid contestants show that did go to air 😛
    Gotta love the Tabloid Current Affairs wars lol
    Oh and TT also mentioned the ACMA report you had up on here to Dave.

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