Airdate: Gladiators

No surprises to see that Gladiators is due on Sunday March 30, the first day of ratings after the Easter break.

The remake of the testosterone 90’s show is highly anticipated, and Seven is rolling out the big guns with the marketing machine.

Hosted by Tom Williams and Zoe Naylor, the show will apparently screen at 6:30pm according to The Age.

In all likelihood, therefore, that means Australia’s Got Talent could move into the 7:30pm timeslot, right up against SYTYCDA.

And who would be happiest about that? Channel Nine. Both reality / variety hybrids fighting for the same audience will have Nine smiling by scooping up the majority of the remaining viewers with the oh-so-serious 60 Minutes.

Gladiators shot its episodes last month in Sydney. If you attended one of the recordings tell us what to expect in the Studio Audience Spoilers.

Source: The Age


  1. The Human Dree

    Oh Neon, no hard feelings.

    Ive never gotten along with any Big Brother fan!! haha

    But your constant over the top outrage is good entertainment for us all 🙂


  2. Dree, I know you look forward to having a go at my comments, but if you’d kindly point out where I posted support for cannabis I’d love to see it.

    In the meantime, look up the definition of “narcotic” 🙂

    That Hitchcock quote – if he ever actually said it – is hardly original. And bollocks, as well.

    There’s PLENTY wrong with them “giving it a go,” devoting money and resources and air time to something that’s almost built to fail.

    I swear, TV programmers these days don’t have a single original idea in their heads.

  3. The Human Dree

    Well, mentioning memories in one post, and supporting cannabis in another 😛

    And hate to say, but not all TV viewers are the demographic that fits..

    Hitchcock once said that there is only eleven stories in this world and they are told over and over again.

    Nothing wrong with giving it a go 🙂

  4. The reason channel 7 have revived it is because NBC in america have revived their version!!

    The difference is that on NBC they have added a different element to the show and that is WATER!! Instead of using padding on the floor the people thatfall off fall into a massive pool and it is a huge difference… I have watched the whole american series and was pretty hooked. But now i have seen the way it SHOULD be dont it is going to be disappointing to see the way it HAS been done with 7.

    My sister went to a recording of the aussie version earlier this year and was very very disappointed… she was ther for 5 hours and due to “technical problems” she only saw 2 events completed and then she walked out from boredom (i know it will be totally different once it is edited). Her other complaint was the audience couldnt hear the hosts. Add on top that she had to pay for her ticket and she came to the conclusion that is was a waste of time.

  5. People with short memories – seemingly most, these days – will remember just how cringe-worthily crap this concept is as soon as they see it.

    I’m still completely puzzled by Seven’s decision to revive it. Some people seem to have good memories of it, but the show was ridiculed in its original form and is not remembered fondly by those with, err, memories.

  6. Even though the marketing has been done quite well, I really don’t see this show becoming a “smash hit”. It’s only exciting because no one (who hasn’t been to a taping) really knows what the format will be like. Once people are used to how the show works, the buzz will die down and the TV audience will gradually wane off.

    I still have memories of watching the old show as a kid, and frankly the thought of watching it again doesn’t enthuse me that much. I might watch the first couple of shows out of curiosity, but I certainly don’t plan to book a seat on the lounge each week.

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