Battlestar Galactica’s "last supper"

Feast your eyes on this inspired “Last Supper” cast photo for Battlestar Galactica!

Put together by Producer Ron Moore for Entertainment Weekly, the pic mimicking the Da Vinci painting supposedly includes lots of clues to what will unfold in the imminent fourth season of the sci-fi show, due in the US on April 4.

As Moore explains, Tricia Helfer’s character ‘Number Six’ “has proclaimed she is delivering the gospel of the (Cylons’) one true god, so it seemed natural to place her at the center of the photo.”

To view the pic in full size click on the photo above.

Check EW for more clues.

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  1. I got this book called “Golden Turkey Awards” and it gives Battlestar Galactica the orginal movie the nod in its worst Sci-Fi movie of all time.
    Apparently they just used shots from the TV series and used left over footage from storylines to make a full length movie, it was a massive flop.

  2. Thanks yeah,
    “Not ideal” is still better than nothing at all though.
    I would be interested in knowing more about your “Mormonism” comment. I was led to believe that the human religious beliefs in Battlestar Galactica were polytheism based, similar to the many ancient Greek and Roman gods. Whereas the “homicidal robot” Cylon religion was monotheism, similar to the many current monotheistic religions, not just Mormanism.
    P.S. I totally agree with your Torchwood comment.

  3. NaughtyRooster that lesbian relationship was all but ideal, given one was a homicidal robot who used her lesbian status to fool her co-workers. Not ideal.

    Not to mention Battlestar Gallactica has its origins in Mormonism.

  4. Stan, one of the Cylon 6s’, who was onboard Battlestar Pegasus as a computer programmer, had a lesbian relationship with Admiral Helena Caine – commander of Pegasus. Feel free to actually watch the programs first before posting a paranoid comment.

  5. Isn’t it funnt that there are no gay characters in any of Sci-Fi series? I wonder if this is a wishfull thinking of TV producers that homosexuality will be gone in the near future, or is it possible that there are no Sci-Fi fans among gay population. Go figure!

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