Airdate: Cavemen

This isn’t one to get excited about, but judging from the timeslot it’s been given Seven is well aware one of its acquisitions for 2008 is a turkey.

Cavemen is a sitcom from US network ABC in which 3 cavemen interact in modern society and share a condo. They are likened to an ethnic minority, sometimes referring to humans by the derogatory term “Smoothies” for their lack of hair.

It will premiere at 11:30pm Wednesday May 28 following The Unit.

The comedy, ‘inspired by a series of insurance commercials’, was a flop in the US, right up there with another ABC failure, Carpoolers. Only six of its thirteen eps aired in the US.

Lucky us, we may actually cop all 13 eps….

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  1. StephBlingle

    I’m sorry that my voice probably won’t be heard above the voices of all the haters, but “Cavemen” is a SUPERB show. I live in the United States and I was EXTREMELY disappointed that I was not able to see more than the first 6 episodes of “Cavemen.” I just hope that the rest of the episodes of “Cavemen” end up floating around the Internet because I am avid to see them.

    “Carpoolers” was also a very good, very witty show, but not as good nor as witty as “Cavemen.” The characterizations, the acting, the situations in “Cavemen” are all very droll and well observed. So the make-up is intentionally cheesy and the TV show was inspired by, gasp, extremely clever advertisements–Heavens preserve us! Some people just can’t understand dry wit.

    Julie White as the cavemen’s landlady is a comic genius.

    I suspect there are more people who LOVED this show than HATED it. It’s just that the haters feel this weird need to shout their hatred from the rooftops without even having followed the show, while the rest of us are anxious to see all of it.

  2. All 13 episodes of Carpoolers were aired in the US. I actually really enjoyed Carpoolers. It was a decent quality show.
    I saw the first episode of Cavemen however and it was really bad!!

  3. I was actually in the US last year when this premiered. It’s bad kids…real bad.
    Infact, it’s widely referred to as the benchmark of bad tv in industry circles over there.
    I don’t blame ch7 so much for acquiring it as I do the blockheads who actually thought it would be a good idea for a sitcom…??

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