BBC filming kids for Outback 8

At first news of Outback 8 was sounding like Kid Nation or My Kid’s a Star all over again, but in fact a BBC series filming kids as jackaroos is claiming to be observational, not reality.

Still I’m guessing it will manage to make news across the coming months nonetheless.

One of our networks is reportedly involved with the programme shooting in Queensland (just haven’t worked out which one!).

The format?

“We’ve taken four Australian children, four British children, aged between 12 and 14, and we’ve brought them to Longreach to learn basically how to be jackeroos,” spokesperson Geoff Cooper said.

It is currently being filmed on a working sheep and cattle property in central western Queensland.

Cooper says it is hoped the program will help to inform young people about rural life.

Hope they got some friendly Shetland ponies….

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  1. Maggie O'Moore

    I’m hoping to find out how 2 sign up if there’s another outback 8 series cuz all my life I’ve dreamed of woking on a cattle station and to ride horses and all that stuff. I’m 13 years old and I live in Adelaide.

  2. and
    david knox –

    this article seems to be popular 🙂
    tell channel ten they’re crazy not to do another series!

    and something else totally different – some of these people say they come from cattle working families and that and it would be a good experience for them –
    but wouldn’t that just defeat the purpose of them going?
    not to be a bad sport
    just doesn’t make sense.