Returning: Borderline. Bumped: The Palace

Seven has dropped UK drama The Palace next week as part of changes to its Tuesday line-up. It will return on June 10.*

Beginning next week (Tue June 3) Seven returns NZ factual Borderline to 9:3pm following immigration officers. It is followed by the premiere of Renters at 10pm.

This show looks at landlords, tenants and property managers and the dramas that fill their day. Sounds rivetting. Renters is also a NZ production, which will presumably gain some local quota documentary points as well as being cheap to buy.

Crimes That Shook The World which was at 9:30pm moves to 10:30pm and the final ep of Mistresses shifts to 11:40pm.

The Palace is back at 11:40pm Tuesday June 10 following the conclusion of Mistresses. It will have its series final on June 17.*

* amended.

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  1. It needs to screen on the 24th as well, if they’re going to play the final episode. This week’s was episode 5; there are 8 episodes in the season.

  2. * Amended. Seems The Palace will have its finale after all, but it rested for a week while Mistresses has its finale.

    Palace WILL screen June 10 / 17.

  3. This is just blatantly *ridiculous*.

    A show that airs at 11.30pm – so late that the first half literally has no ads at all aside from Seven promos, until the sex-line and scam ads kick in after midnight – surely, SURELY can’t be part of a ratings battleground as well?

    They had four episodes left to run of The Palace. Surely they could just air them and get it over with?

    Or has Seven made some sort of dodgy deal with TVNZ?

    This is just shameful, Seven. Believe it or not, people were WATCHING The Palace.

    Those left shafted should head over to the torrent sites. All eight episodes are there and are “easy” to find 😉

  4. What is wrong with these people ? If you commit to screening a series at least show it till the end. Was 11.40pm really that much of a ratings winner that they couldn’t show the final couple of episodes. I suppose Mistresses has been bumped even further into the night.

  5. Damn! They do it AGAIN!!! I had just started watching and enjoying “The Palace” the past two weeks and now it is gone …
    STOP IT!

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